Punk and Free form

I must say that I love my mix of music at the moment. Playing punk with Cat and the Underdogs is so much fun! Close to 30 years since last time and I just love to smash my Slingerlands.

And then there is free form. To be honest I never, and I mean never, thought I would make SIX free form albums in 4 month. And if I would play free form, never. And there are more on the way. Gunnar Backman is a legend in free form/ free jazz/ avantgarde and the sounds he creates with his freetless guitar and lots of strange appa, loops, efx is just amazing! And we have really connect.

Hopefully at the end of September we will record a new album with Cat and the Underdogs!


Our first duo album! You’d think that when a Drammen and a guitarist make a record, there are beautiful grooves with fills and trhills! But no . Just nice atmosphere and a lot of ambiens! Sometimes it is dark, sometimes brighter, usually powerful but sometimes quiet. Guaranteed corona distance throughout the recording because we were in different studios. No sheets, no sketches just what was inside us right then and there! Always fun to ”talk” with Gunnar Backman Brakophonic!