Time is now

Gunnar Backman and Anders Berg made a duo recording back in 2008. Yesterday I added the drums and today it is out on Bandcamp. Time travels fast in the digital days!

Freejazz, noise, chaos, all over, soft, whisper its all there, please njoy!

Tims is now Backman/Lindholm/Berg

Extracellular Matrix

Great title! Great friends! Please have a listen to or latest recording.

Gunnar Backman 33 string fretted and fretless triple neck oriental acoustic guitar with guitar synth, live looped fretted and fretless electric and virtual guitar with granular delays 
Lars Larsson soprano saxophone 
Fredrik Lindholm drums and percussion 
Anders Berg electric bass


released September 24, 2020 

Recorded in the months of June , July and September 2020 
Mix and Master by Gunnar Backman Brakophonic Studios Europe