Got a song, need drums? Send me an mp3, I will send drum tracks in return!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on so many different projects for countless songwriters, bands and producers. I’ve always strived to be as versatile as possible, from the sound of my kit to the way that I play, and most importantly, being a musician – not just a ‘drummer’. My approach has always been to play for the song – not throw as many licks around the kit as possible – unless I’m asked to of course!


Two mics. One over the kit and one over the floortom. It is really important that the mics are on the same distance from the snare.

Most of the times a add a Shure Beta 52 on the kick and a Shure Beta 56 on the snare. Senneheiser E604 on the the toms.


All are hooked up to a Metric Halo 2882 and I use mainly Mixbuss 32C to record. Metric Halo Channel strip and Waves Maserati DR are the plugg-ins I usualy use. I like when the drums sounds naturaly and I use my Dynamics to get the right balance.

You can also use tjust ONE mic! This is Apogee MIC, just above my shoulder.

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