I hit things

Why and what? The answer is what feels and sound right! The only thing I haven´t changed for years are my brushes, Vic Firths Steve Gadd.


Pro Marks Broom Stick! Really thick made out of grass! Use them as a stick or as a brush. Perfect when the drums should been seen but not heard!

Stockar, vispar och rods.

Drumsticks, I have used them all and still do: B-Stick Ball-head, 4A, Taffel), Vic Firth (Steve Jordan, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, SD2, SD9, SD4 etc), Regal Tip (Jeff Porcaro), Joe Porcaro Diamond Sticks, ProMark (5B round tip, Billy Ward), Wincent, I can go on forever…


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