Snare drums

How many snares does a drummer need? The answer is, always one more!

Ludwig Black Beauty 14×5

Ludwig Black Beauty 14”x6,5”

Ludwig Pioneer 1920’s NOB 14×5

Ludwig Pioneer 1960’s 6-lugs 14×5

VK Drums Copper Lattice 14”x4,5”
Dunnett Classic Stainless Snare 14”x6,5”

Geo H Way The Aero 14×6,5

Geo H Way Studio 14”x6,5”

Geo H Way The Hollywood 14×6,5

Geo H Way Tradition Walnut 14×5,5

Drum Workshop Collector series 12”x5”
Drum Workshop Cravitto 14”x5,5”

Drum Workshop Craviotto Maple 13×5

Craviotto Cherry 14”x5,5”

Gretsch USA Custom Maple 14×4,5

Gretsch G4168 Solid Aluminum 13”x6”
Gretsch Gold series Bell brass 14”x6,5”

Gretsch Aluminium 1970’s 14×5

Gretsch Mark Schulman 12”x6”

Gretsch Stanton Moore Solid maple 14×4,5

Gretsch Vinnie Colaiuta Millenium 14”x5”

Gretsch 4160 COB 1960’s 14×5

Gretsch Brooklyn Steel 14×5,5

Gretsch 4166 14”x6” COB Early 80`s

Premier 2000

Premier Royal Ace

Premier Modern Classic Maple/Birch 14×4,5

Tens Custom 12×4

Edgware 14”x5”
Yamaha Oak 14”x7”
Tama Trackmaster Super Piccolo 15”x4”
Slingerland Studio King Oaklawn 14”x5”
Camco Studio 14”x5,5”