I am a drummer by heart and have been so since my birth. But it was not until I was 12 I started to take lessons. I had a great teacher who was supportive and encouraging in my developing. He gave me the opportunity to be versatile in different genres. And encourage me to participate with different ensembles through my high school years.

When I was 16 I joined Dublin Fair and my music career got started. We recorded several records and toured all over Scandinavia. The album Jamboree was on top of the charts and only Spice girls was before us on Swedens biggest radioshow ”Tracks”. Lots of tv-programmes in national tv. And 30 years later we are still going strong.

I have been fortenough to play in with artist that write there own material. Not som many coverband gigs but that’s ok.

Cat and the Underdogs so proud to be a part of these crazy punk rockers! Dear friends that I have known since the early 90´s! 

A few gigs that are worth mentioning was the tribute for Jerry Williams (25 000 people in the public) in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. Dublin Fair on national Swedish television together with Take That. And of course when Seamus Heaney  joined us at the celebration of his Nobelprize. But my pridest moment was when I played with the late legendary Charlie Norman and the review mention the ”young drummer that was born to play swing and big band music!

For the last 5 years I have been a part of Bert Deivert and Copperhead Run. We released Blood in my eyes for you which was a Hugh success all over the world. Lots of airtime in the UK, USA and Australia. We play mainly on festivals in Europe. It’s not unusually that some of Berts friends join us on the gig (Memphis Gold and other famous blues artists).

My dear friend Tubbs got a reggae band together a couple of years a go. Last year we released the recording Tubbs and the Majestic Soundsystem. Such a trill when we heard that the album is on heavy rotation in Jamaica!

I have had a dream for along time to put a band together that only plays old psalms (from the 1600-century) and rearranging them to give the songs a new custome! That was the beginning of Klusterverket

Three years a go The Hightones was in need of a drummer for a concert in Germany. The called and my schedule was free so we rehearsed. And three years later I am still the drummer in the band. A new record is in the making and will be released in the fall of 2019. The Hightones has played at all the classic blues festivals in Europe.

And last but not least Fabrikk! Indie powerpop with roots from Joy Division, Kraftwerk, The Clash and all the great music that surrounded us when we grew up!

Petradagen, free form, no boundaries and directions just right here, right know!

I am constantly recording or on tour with my bands or as a sideman.

I have worked with:

Packmopedsturnén: Göran Samuelsson, Dregen, Plura, Pernilla Andersson, Sofia Karlsson, Moneybrother, Patrik Isaksson, Kajsa Grytt, Anna Stadling, Ola Magnell, Sara Löfgren, Per Persson, Jack Vreeswijk, Tina Ahlin

Wermland Opera, La Bohème, and various concerts (Helen Sjöholm, Martin Stenmark, Sven-Erik Magnusson, Lagyla Frazier)

Dramaverket: Experterna, Improvision Song Contest

Våga fråga (Suicide Zero): Martin Hedros, Mattias Hellberg, Love Antell, Ida Hallquist, Kajsa Grytt, Tina Ahlin, Frida Öhrn, Mia Karlsson, Anna Stadling

0550 Big Band: Sylvia Vrethammar, Barbro Svensson, Charlie Norman, Triple & Touch, Nisse Landgren, Sharon Dyall

And in countless other constalations with different artists, to many to mention.

I am a member or have been with:

Dublin Fair

Bert Deivert and Copperhead Run


Tubbs and the Majestic Soundsystem


Nymphet Noodlers

The Hightones


And many many more…

Selected recordings:

  • Dublin Fair
  • From here and there
  • Leaving of Liverpool
  • Jamboree the album
  • Northern Shores

Göran Samuelsson

  • Postlåda 303
  • Vanliga människor
  • 29/30
  • Bättre Tider
  • Kugg
  • Stilla liv
  • E. Samuelssons Handelsträdgård

Bert Deivert and Copperhead Run

  • Blood on my eyes for you

Tubbs and the Majestic Soundsystem

  • Mighty creator
  • Wicked system


  • Häktet


  • Disco

And lots of other as a sideman on drums and or percussion