That great Gretsch sound


Remember the first time I read Modern Drummer. Gretsch always had an ad for several years with a classic walnut drum set. That picture has always been on my retina. The ultimate drum sound for me has always been Gretsch. Every time I play or listen to a Gretsch, it’s something special that comes within me. A year ago, I had a Renown and now my journey started. After that an old Round Badge that sounded amazing but old drums = many problems when touring. They must work all the time! So I chose to get rid of the drums and thought it was over now. But just then, a Jazz Legend with 16″ kick drum appered on eBay.

Suddenly to a third of what a new cost. The drums arrived and the feeling that can not be described is now found.

Now I have also completed the Collection with a Brooklyn series. These are maple / poplar instead of maple/gum as in USA Custom and even slightly thicker. They also have 302 (stick choppers) so more bottom and sustain in these drums.

Now it’s just for me to, Earn that badge!





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