Making music with the best!

My dear friend Stefan Deland always says, play with the best and you will be better. And at the same time you must focus more, prepare more and at the same time not get stiff. You must risk and just go for it. I am now in the middle of a recording with Gunnar Backman and Yasuhito Mori. The list of all the artist these two gentleman’s have played with is to long to mention. For me it’s such an honor to be a part of this project. It’s a mix of improvisation and standards, but in our way. I have to really use my ears and just go for it. I can’t be to respectful to these gentlemen’s I have to do my own thing.

To day we won so I am a really happy man!

Tomorrow we start recording with Klusterverket. Lots of psalms is on the list, it will be a blast!



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