Swim or sink


Fredrik Lindholm drums and Lars Larsson saxophones, synths, sampling and programming. 
The audio files Fredrik sent me have been the basis for all nine songs on the album SWIM OR SINK. 
The presets I used in Ableton Live 10 are few, electric piano and some bass sound. All other sounds / effects are made in Granulator II, Corpus, Collisions, Operator, Simpler and Sampler. 
The cover is a painting by Lena-Maria Stigsdotter called ”Shades of jazz”. 

Swim or sink summarizes what happened in 2020. 
There are many we miss and many we can not meet. 
Creating together without being in the same city should be an impossible task, but with Lars it feels completely natural, a telepathic force. 
I have borrowed a few phrases from lyrics by Blue For Two for inspiration and now that the album is ready, it feels like Freddie is sitting and cuddling in his sky. 

Lars Larsson, Fredrik Lindholm



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