Gretsch Fredkaster Snare drum

In celebration of Fred Gretsch’s fiftieth anniversary in the Musical Instrument Industry, Gretsch Drums has created the Fredkaster ’65, a limited series of snare drums to commemorate an historic milestone of an industry icon. The snare drum with the interior shell label bearing the serial number matching the number written on this document is certified to be on of only one hundred drums of this model to be manufactured; fifty exclusively for U.S. Distribution and the remaining fifty for worldwide distribution.
Brand new from Gretsch in commemoration of Fred Gretsch’s 50 years in the musical instrument industry. This is a special drum distributed only through the Gretsch Round Badge dealers. Only 50 drums in the USA. The drum is a 7×14 with a special 4 ply shell that is maple/poplar/maple/maple with reverse roundover bearing edges, double flanged 302 hoops and a Microsensitive strainer. All done in a beautiful whitewash finish. Each drum has a nameplate similar to what Gretsch used for the 50s era Max Roach snares. The nameplate on these drums is engraved ”FredKaster 65 Model”. The ”Kaster” portion harkens back to the 50s era Broadkaster series and the reference to ”65” refers to Fred’s first year in the business. The drum also comes with a beautiful presentation case made of wood, and a certificate of authenticity. Each certificate will use one year from Fred’s 50 years as the serial number, with serial #1965.



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