Premier Modern Classic Club

Santa has been good to me! Master drum builder Keith Keough made some really impressive drums during his years with Premier Drums Co. The Spitfire and Modern Classic Club is among the best ever made, period! 

The new kit I have got my hands on are the Modern Classic Club kit. Premier and Keith used the best material available on the market. The ultra thin shell is made with a core of birch and a inner layer of mahogny. This give the drums a fast attack but lots of bottom thanks to the mahogny. The lugs and the hoops are really vintage! Great looking and a incredible sound! 

I have a 20″x14″ and a 22″x14″ kick and 12″x8″, 13″x8″, 14″x14″ and 16″x14 toms. The two snares 14″x4,5″ and 14″x5,5″ are massive and sensitive.

These are the best drum I have ever played!!!

A quick film I made with my iPhone and a Apogee iMic. Me just banging on the drums with a great smile on my face! In a couple of days I will make something more serious and better sounding!

All the best!



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