Maple, Mahogany, Acacia, Beech…

Well what to chose and when? They all sound great but different. For me its mostly mahogny now when playing blues, rock ir punk. At least since this lovely kit now is a part of my collection.

Ds Drums, mahogany made in Italy

Is used them for my latest tour in Europe with Patrik Jansson Band. So much attack, sustain and bottom and just that woof! The kick sounds like its is pre-eq was a something I heard a lot.

Sonor Phonic Beech

Now this is something totally different. Thick beech sheels from Sonor. Attack and a full sound be not so much sustain. The kick is so heavy that I will probably never will take this kit out on tour. The crew would probably kill me. It’s that classic Sonor sound and it just rocks! Live them when they are tuned above medium tension.

So what about Acacia then?

George Way Acacia

Just 2 plys with 2 ply reinforcement hoops not so heavy but a really controlled sound. Love them when playing jazz. Perfect when the drums must be quite. Sound great when tuned up and sounds great when tuned down. Simply great drums.

Slingerland Touring series

I currently have three maple kits. The Slingerland, above, and my Gretsch. Maple is maple and sounds perfect always.

The Spaceship
The Bop

My Spaceship, yellow kit, sounds so Good! Perfect for contemporary music.

The Bop! Evans 1000 strata heads tensioned way up is my go to kit when recording jazz or avant-garde.

Slingerland with the thinnest shells I have ever seen is so fat and works great when tuned low…

So what to choose and when? I would say maple works with everything but… Mahogany is so fat and perfect for blues and rock. Acacia is a perfect partner when you need a controlled sound.



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